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We'd love to show you how
wonderful our products can look.

stack it up!

Our Adup stacking salad bowls in Spidy Blue.

This range stacks easily with the bowls and plates fitting perfectly for easy transport  & great presentation. A perfect way for travelling to a party or picnic.

We enjoy a picnic with Southern Fried Chicken - a classic simple crowd pleaser.

We added some thinly sliced shallots for a color and extra flavor.

Hidden in the medium bowl is a homemade potato salad, & in the large bowl is a garden salad.

Come join the party!

pattern and food work together

Bzyoo patterns are created to enhance food presentation in contemporary and expressive ways.

Here we serve fresh oysters  with a side of Edamame sprinkled with chili flakes.

Red Vinegar adds that extra boost in flavor.

Pink salt adds a mouthwatering effect

We have used our Adup platter and mini bowl with our Upp small bowl

get framed!

Yum cha is always a hit.

It’s a delicious way to start your morning…in fact anytime is can be “Yum cha  time”. At bzyoo, we call it “Y.C.T.”

Served here are Prawn Dumplings with Vegetable Gyoza. We sprinkle the dumplings with fresh chili.

We use our Sloop platter and dinner plates matched with Flare drink ware.

Our Y.C.T. is always complimented with iced green tea and a slice of lime.

salmon on black leaves

The leaf pattern on our Sloop platter is a perfect background for serving all types of food.

We love to present smoked salmon with a dramatic effect.